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After Hours with T.C. Restani is an award winning late night talk show based out of Eastern Massachusetts. Inspired by the golden age of late night television made famous by Johnny Carson, the cast and crew of After Hours reach for the stars every episode to capture the magic of late night too often lost in an age of reality television and diminishing ratings. After Hours rings true to form with talented musicians, extraordinary guests, absurd dialogue, and sketch comedy written to the delight of viewers across The United States and the it’s emerging cult following online.

Since the new millennium the aura and magic of late night television has faced a downward spiral. Across the boards there has been a loss of inspiration and spontaneity that was such a critical element of successful late night television in the past.

The increase of channels over the past decade has resulted in a demand for more programming. Such an increase has left the best writers spread too thin, and forced studios to throw money at poorly thought-out concepts. Too often these concepts have been rewarded only to fill the programming schedule with new ideas, and executives have been left little choice, having been dealt a losing hand of bad choices and nowhere to turn.

With the growing trend of nostalgic programming and an MTV generation approaching middle age, there may be a new hope in an audience that can appreciate the humor they grew up with. A time when the audience adhered to the universally understood principle that television was television, and after eleven o’clock it mysteriously transformed into a new frontier of high stakes comedy.

After Hours with T.C. Restani came out of a longing for the television of yesteryear. A show harkening back to the wild west of television from the latter half of the twentieth century, when programming was written to entertain audiences with slapstick comedy, and the unintentional absurdity of personalities pretending to take themselves too seriously. It was a golden era of American television that brought the medium to its highest peak, and set the standard for audiences in countries around the world, demonstrating the widespread appeal of recognizable personalities joining the audience night in and night out. Across the board in every demographic and media market, viewers respond favorably to developed characters with enthusiastic on screen personalities and chemistry.

These are the goals that After Hours has set out to achieve. From conception to reality, it has replicated many of the ideals in classic television with the potential to expand. Whether a local media market or national presence, After Hours has demonstrated a unique writing style and dedication to creativity in the spirit of classic American television that has played favorably across any audience. Understanding the rising passion for such programming, along with a repertoire of comedic routines and a cast of likeable characters, this successful formula would give any potential network a unique opportunity to become home to After Hours with T.C. Restani.
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